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Production FAQ

Why use Neumann D?

Beyond the audio qualities, their implementation is fast and efficient, they do not require any preamps or converters and their rental cost is competitive.

When to use Neumann D?

The kits have demonstrated their relevance on stage, in studios and in broadcast recording. The Neumann D are a premium solution for any acoustic source, solo instruments, orchestras, choirs… but also for the reactions of the public in concert, particularly when it is necessary to pull long lengths of cables. The Neumann D can provide connections of several hundred meters without any degradation of the microphone signal.

Does renting Neumann D cost more than analog?

When purchased, digital microphones are more expensive than their analog equivalents because they contain the amplification, processing and conversion stages. In operation, no extra stagebox is to be expected, only a MADI or network input port depending on the option. In the end, for equivalent quality, our kits are very competitive for rental.

I need a lot of microphones for my project.

Our kits are available in multiples of 8 microphones. Up to 64 in a standard MADI stream, and many more depending on your needs.


Who uses digital microphones?

Since their launch in 2001, the Neumann D have been deployed in the most diverse configurations. On tours, as a welcome kit at festivals, in music studios and broadcast capture, when implementation efficiency, reliability and irreproachable quality are required.

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